Afternoon Tea in the Office

Many of you work in an office. Our colleagues and co-workers probably make up an important part of our world as they are the ones who we spend more hours of the day with than our own family, give or take that it is not a family-run business. Every day we share the excitement and the stress of the busy workplace environment.  Why not set aside a special afternoon to share a cup of tea together?

Every office is different, of course, some offices are small, medium-sized and even large, with various departments – so the specific arrangements for an office tea will have to reflect your particular setting.  For instances, I work in an office of five workers, my boss, and four employees, which I am one of the employee.

Perhaps you will want to invite members of your department to the conference room to celebrate a birthday. Or you can make everybody’s day by setting up a tea service in the lunchroom and treating employees to a warming cup as they come for their breaks.

conference room

There are many ways to accomplish your purpose of injecting a little loveliness into the busy workday.  If want to invite the entire office, why not make a simple invitation and send it via interoffice mail – or even Email.

If you will be serving many people, you may want to use pretty paper cups, or  even cups and saucers..  Why not ask co-workers to bring cups from home? You will have the fun of seeing what everyone brings and the varied of patterns will add a nice homey touch to the office tea.

Make your serving table as pretty as possible – cloth, flowers, candles, and the tea service. This is one setting where the convenience of teabags are welcome, from herbal to simple and plain.

Depending on your arrangement, you might need to make the tea in a different location from where you serve it, and you might need several teapots. Tea cozies-little blankets to keep the pot warm-can serve you well in such a situation.

It also goes without saying that your should clear your arrangements with your supervisors and anyone else whose work might be affected, if you are a co-worker/employee and is interested in hosting an office tea party. If you are the boss/manager, then you get to decide when to throw the afternoon office tea party.

Most menu for office tea is simple and easy to transport, and health-conscious office workers will appreciate its low calories and wholesome ingredients.

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