Kitchen Tea Party

Yes, I thought it was weird too at first, a kitchen tea, and I know that in the Caribbean, and to an islander, it may sound funny, but actually it is a great tea party for a bride-to-be. Yes, you have heard me correctly a Kitchen Tea Party.

What is a Kitchen tea party or a kitchen tea?
A kitchen tea, is similar in nature to a bridal shower, and is essentially a pre-wedding celebration in which women who are friends with or related to the bride to be will gather together, traditionally at the bride or her mother’s home, and celebrate her upcoming wedding with games, food and drink.

Traditionally, a kitchen tea suggests that guests may bring the bride a gift for the kitchen so they can assist her in setting up her marital kitchen/home. In this modern time, many brides-to-be have their own apartments or even they may already live with their future spouse, and have therefore acquired all the necessary items in their kitchen. In this case, the focus of a kitchen tea is more about celebrating with loved ones and playing some games, as opposed to an emphasis on gift-giving. Yes, guests still need to bring something and they need to be more creative with kitchen tea gifts.

The person that is organizing the kitchen tea, which is usually the maid of honour or the bride’s mother, must always be the one to keep a record of who is buying what and should be able to give each guest advice on what to get. They may even provide the guest with a theme to use in buying the bride-to-be a present, or section of the kitchen to concentrate on. I know that most brides register for gifts for their kitchen tea, in which case you can just buy from the list.

One major question that is always on the mind of a guest is how much should be spent on a kitchen tea gift? The price of one’s kitchen tea gift may depend on what the wedding is costing as a guest overall. If each guests need to fork out for an engagement gift, a hen party, a wedding present, and travel and accommodation for the wedding, the bride should not expect a large gift at the kitchen tea. If the kitchen tea is the only event before a local wedding, however, one could spend a bit more on the gift. In general kitchen tea gifts should not be very expensive, perhaps a maximum of $120.00.

The organizer of the kitchen tea may be able to give each guest a budget to aim for when one discusses what to buy, but the thought and creativity that goes into a kitchen tea gift should be more important than the price.

One alternative to every guest spending a small amount on individual kitchen gifts would be for everyone to club together and buy one big present for the kitchen, such as a set of really good quality cooking pots or a food processor.


Some original kitchen tea gift ideas are:
If the bride is going for the traditional option and having kitchen items for her kitchen tea presents, there are plenty of great gifts, one can buy that won’t be too expensive, but also would not be as dull as a wooden spoon. Here are some original kitchen tea gift ideas:
⦁ A cute flirty apron and coordinating oven gloves.

⦁ Funky fridge magnets with girly photos

⦁ A box of exotic sauces or spices

⦁ A cookbook for couples

⦁ Fun shaped cookie cutters with a cookie recipe book

⦁ A pretty cake stand filled with cupcakes

Kitchen tea gifts don’t necessarily have to cost anything. One lovely idea would be to ask each guest to write down their favourite recipe, along with a personal note, and compile it into a special cookbook for the bride.




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