About Tea With Peach

Hi There! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Avion Wendy Anderson, from Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago (Caribbean).

Most of you all would already know me. Yes, it is me, the once former sole founder and Freelance Food Reviewer, Food Writer and Food Blogger of Just Write Peach (www.justwritepeach.wordpress.com) and sadly to say that I had to say goodbye to Just Write Peach.

This once serious chocoholic, has had to by strong intervention say goodbye to my chocoholicness and substitute it for a life as a teaacholic, which I must say since childhood, I never took seriously, because my grandmother and parents always made me drink a hot cup of tea every morning before I go off to school, whether it is was orange peel tea, ginger tea, milk tea, cocoa tea, or some other kind of tea, even when I got sick was lemon grass tea; or even attending my friends tea parties held at their home; but, now that has all changed and my interest in tea, has now grown.

It is out of this grand intervention by family members and friends, my palate has changed and so has my look on the world of tea and even on events, such as tea parties has changed. I believe that everyone should have a cup of tea, each and every day and even have fun while sipping on their favourite tea or favourite snack or food to go with tea. It is out of this that my other blog Tea with Peach, was born.


Tea With Peach is relatively a new tea blog that is not only dedicated to sharing reviews on teas, books and tea brands and products, teawares and accessories, tea parties and events, tea party ideas, tea favours, tea decorations; inclusive of recipes enjoyed with tea and tea recipes, tea businesses; but also in providing the complete tea party planning, design and consulting service in bringing to you elegance of both the traditional and modern afternoon tea party at any location of your choice, whether at your home, a garden, lounge or any other venue for individuals and small to medium-sized groups by turning your space into a visual tea party feast and setting for any occasion such as birthday, bridal shower, baby shower, a special date, engagement party, church tea party, community group tea party, garden tea party, tea party wedding, mother & daughter tea party, retirement party and all other occasions all with tea mind.